Branka Hlevnjak, art critic:

”Iva Lulic had approached the photography as a result of some fanciful, a fairytale but virtually strongly present world - the world of myth and legend. It would be incorrect to say that her photos are only illustrations of myths and legends and stories to which they relate to: these photos are photographic performance for all involved in it.

By bringing in the photographic event all preliminary elements of the film the author stops at the photography. Thus achieving a strong illusion of a real event; she records situations in which the characters from legends were captured; the photography is confirmation of what has been seen and its grandiosity is obvious and fully nourishes our faith. The photo becomes a picture-story, a picture-legend, a picture-fairytale. We indulge to it gladly. All it takes is a look at each photo individually in order to admit Ivi Lulic that she is the great master of photographic illusionism. 

At the same time these are real photos of natural beauties, of ambiences, photos of excellent lighting and harmonious colors. Iva does not use the possibilities of computer generated effects but as the old masters of analogue photography she uses light, natural as well as artificial.

In counterpoint of the natural magnificence and artificial and artistic intervention based on the traditional iconography, folk and the ancient mythical tradition, the whole project becomes much more than just a photography. For Iva Lulić the photography is only a tool for reviving the deepest memories that occur in fragments woven into modern spiritual heritage. That is the uniqueness of these photos by which the author has made a breakthrough in intermedial zone of artistic activity.”


Draženka Jalšić Ernečić, The Higher Curator

Iva Lulić’s photography is magical, and the protagonists are real.  The spaces and the landscapes are existing and they belong to the real world.  The celestial vault, the sun sets, the shadows, and the effects are natural without the use of computer technology. The script, and the direction, of Iva Lulić, underlined the beauty of the concrete landscape. The drama is real, accentuated by the light and story which is located in its natural environment, in a pure idyll of inanimate nature in which actors enjoy their own roles that emphasize their inner mental states.

The author searches for her expression in the digital photography she uses as a painting medium, performing the painting composition in the spirit of the Western Art of Romanticism and Symbolism of the 19th Century. The idea and the realization are based on the synthesis of magic, symbolism, and spiritualism.